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Ogamba Kerubo.

About Me

I'm a Full-Stack Developer

I am a technology enthusiast based in Nairobi, Kenya who enjoys learning new things. I have interests in IoT, Mobile and Web Application development.

I have experience in both Arduino and software development. I have worked on projects with a wide range of requirements from backend, frontend, Arduino projects and projects that are a combination of all the above.

Builders at work

Services Offered

These are some of the skills I offer.

Hardware Development

Integrating software and hardware to solve real-world problems in a seamless design.

Web Development

Ensure fast load times and lag free interaction. Responsive layouts that will work on any device, big or small.

Backend Development

Create server-side web application logic and integration to satisfy consumer needs.


See some of my projects.

Jazz Music Database

A simple web app that allows users to view Jazz Solos.

Portfolio Website

A responsive personal website that showcases all your work.

Arduino RF Communication

A simple project that allows users to securely send data from one Aduino to another.

Door Sensor with SMS Alarm

Using Arduino to create a simple security system that sends an SMS alert once the door is opened.


Hear from some of my former clients and employers.

Hilda is a passionate and diligent worker. She is a quick learner and has shown the ability to digest large volumes of information.


Paul Akwabi,
TechKidz Africa.

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